Bay Springs Medical Clinic

Bay Springs Medical Clinic is also a division of Jones Family Medicine Clinic. our provider is on hand Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m, to meet your healthcare needs. BSMC is located on Highway 15 N in Bay Springs, MS across from Fred's.  


We are  Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Industrial Medicine Facility. We also see pediatric patients over 6 months old.

We treat most chronic conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and High Cholesterol. No appointment needed. You can work your Doctor visit around your schedule. Dr. Jones also has privileges at SCRMC and can admit and treat you if hospitalization is needed.


We treat acute conditions such as: 

* Flu

* Cold and Cough

* Allergies

* Pneumonia

* Skin infections

* Pink eye

* Nausea and Vomiting

* Ear ache

* Low back strain


You can keep your regular Doctor if you like and just use us for acute care!

JFMC practices in Industrial Medicine

*  Non DOT Physicals/DOT Physicals

* Drug Screening Collections (DOT, Non-DOT, and Instant testing)

* Worker's Comp

* Free School Physicals K-12 Jasper County Schools



 Address: 2680 HWY 15 N, Bay Springs, MS 39422